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How Is  Apple Music Distribution Better Than DistroKid or TuneCore?


All of these services upload your music to stores and give you 100% of your royalties.

 Apple Music Distribution is the least expensive. Period.


DistroKid is cheap but still more expensive in the long term. 


Distrokid gets your music into stores faster than TuneCore,


but not faster than  Apple Music Distribution.

TuneCore charges $49.99 per year per album. $29.99 for the first year.

DistroKid charges $19.99 per year, per artist and you can upload unlimited songs and albums for that one artist.

 Apple Music Distribution charges $19.99 per year & we allow you to upload

UNLIMITED songs, albums and artists

(label names too)


 Apple Music Distribution offers

UNLIMITED Everything for just $20


DistroKid offers unlimited for one artist for $20.


TuneCore is per-album and not unlimited in any way. 

If you wanted to upload 5 albums, TuneCore would charge you $149.95 year-one, then $249.95/year forever.  


DistroKid would charge you $19.99 per year. per artist.


 Apple Music Distribution would charge you $19.99 per year, unlimited artists and label names.

 Apple Music Distribution is an even better deal if you want to upload a lot of singles (1-song albums). 


you can upload unlimited songs for unlimited artists from unlimited label names whenever you want, without thinking about money or another payment.


it's like having a full service label distribution platform at your fingertips all for less than 0.05 cents a day.

And that's just the pricelines.


 Apple Music Distribution has a lot of features that make life easier for artists.


(example- if there are multiple artists with your same name, we make sure they don't get mixed up)


We have unlimited free backups of your music Upload, so you will never lose nor skip a beat. We also offer

lightning-fast uploading.

Cover song licensing 

Artist Marketing & Promo.



PLUS much, much more. 


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